Denver – Mile High City

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado. This city is nicknamed as Mile High City because this city is on mile above the sea level which makes it one of the major above sea level cities in the United States of America. Realtors in Denver are trying to sell the real estates at possible high rates to earn more and more profits from them.
Globalization and world Cities Research network have ranked Denver as Beta-World City with an estimated population of 682,545 people in 2015. This city is ranked 19th in the most populous city in 2015 in the whole United States. The average in an increase in population in 2015 was 2.8%. In 2016 according to US News and World Report, Denver was named as the best city to live in the United States of America.
During Pike’s Peak Gold Rush this city was founded as the mining town in November 1858. Earlier this city was named as Montana City and it was situated on the bank of South Platte River. This city is located on the Front Range Urban Corridors between the Rocky Mountains and High Plains.
This city covers the area of 155 square miles of which 153 square miles is covered with land and other 1.1% of the area is covered with water. Like all other cities along the eastern edge of Rocky Mountains, this city also experiences a sudden change in weather. Denver has average 115 clear days with the sunshine, 130 days of the whole year are partly cloudy and 120 are cloudy days every year.
The climate in summers are mild and hot with an average with the daily average temperature of 74.2 degrees Fahrenheit sometimes it reaches 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it happens very occasionally that the temperature could reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters in this land is very cold with snowfall and cool breeze, mostly the temperature in Denver in winters is 60 degrees Fahrenheit, and sometimes it reaches 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it is very rare that the temperature reaches 0 degrees Fahrenheit.
In winters and early spring seasons, Snowfall is common with an average layer of 53.5 inches every year. In this land, tornados are very rare with one notable on 15 June 1988, but this city has suffered from many hailstorms each year. In Continental United States Denver is ranked 10th where most hailstorms occur each year.
In 2014 according to a weather channel Denver was ranked 10th as a major coldest city of the United States of America. According to the Census of 2010, this city was ranked as 24th most populous city the United States with 600,158 people. In the United States census of 2010 population of this city was distributed into racial composition with 68.9% of White People, 31.8% Hispanic or Latino Whites, 10.2% Black or African American People,  3.4% Asians, 1.4% Native Americans, 0.1% Hawaiian  and other Pacific Islanders and 13.3% of some other races.
As this land is a Multi-Cultural land so people here speak different languages like English, Spanish, Vietnamese, African Languages, Russian, Chinese, French and German Languages. This land is a perfect spot for anyone to live in.

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